How to change Jenkins default port in Linux

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Hello Everyone, Jenkins is one of the most famous and most used CI/CD Tool in the Organizations Today.t can be Integrated with many other tools like git hub , git lab , bit bucket and many more.. It can also be used for testing and as well as for performing automation.As It is too Famous and most used it is necessary to setup security on it. In this post you will learn how to change jenkins default port 8080 to some other port

Open the conf file which is present under “/etc/default/jenkins” using vim or nano editor.

sudo vi /etc/default/jenkins

In this file scroll down you will find a line starting with HTTP_PORT and there the default jenkins port is mentioned.


Just here change the port from 8080 to any random port which is not in use.


I have changed it to 9999. Now you need to restart the service of jenkins.

sudo systemctl restart jenkins

You are Done!!

Open your Web Browser with your new jenkins port


Now Jenkins is available at the port which you defined.

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