How to stop Windows Update in Windows 10

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How to stop Windows Update in Windows 10

Windows Update is good to get security patches, windows applications updates. but sometimes it becomes a headache when our system gets in boot loop due to that update or sometimes it updates automatically and eats our whole internet data. Here is a way to stop those updates.

1) Search for “Services” in the search bar.

2) Open Services. Here you will find all the services present in your system.

3) Scroll Down and look for a service called “Windows Updates“.

4) It is running and enabled . right click on it and stop it.

5) After you stop windows update service. Windows update will stop but this is stopped for temporary. If you need to stop it permanently then you have to disable the service which will stop this service to start at the next boot.

right click on windows update service and click on properties. a pop up will open their you will find Startup settings .set it to disabled to disable the service and click on apply.

6) Windows Update has been stopped permanently to start it again you can set the startup settings to automatics in windows update service properties. and then start it if you want to windows update.


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