What is freelancing ? And how can I get success in free lancing and How can I get projects for free Lancing ?

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What is freelancing ? And how can I get success in free lancing and  How can I get project for free lancing ?

In easy language, freelancing means own company owner. If you have any technical knowledge you can become a freelancer.
If you do not feel like working under someone and you have knowledge then this can be the best option for your career. In freelancing, there is no restriction on salary issue, holiday issue, boss issue etc. You can work from anywhere and anytime it all depends on you. And also earn nice money as depends on your Skill But while coming to end you must have to satisfy the customer to your work.

Mainly there are two types of freelancer:
1-Part time Freelancer
2- Full time freelancer

How to do freelancing in part time:
If you have a job but you do not earn well and you want to earn a little more, you can use freelancing for part-time. At the end In part-time freelancing, you should have the skill of effective time management.

How to do freelancing in Full time:
In full time this will be a good option for those who don’t want to work under anybody and want to earn good money. You can also choose to freelance as a career option in full time.

How can I success in freelancing?
Success in freelancing:
#Get a good project
#Client Satisfaction
#Project delivery on time.
#effective time management
#and last it’s all about your Skill How well you can use your skills for client.
How can I get project from freelancing?
There is lots of website in market where you can get a freelancer project. And also Hire Software
experts from these sites .

1- Fiverr
2- Up work
3- Freelancer.com
4- 99design

I hope this answer will help you to make a successful freelancer .

Thanks you ,
Anmol gupta

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