What are Containers ?

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What are Containers?

Containers are the binaries and libraries which are required by your applications to run . Containers are fully Isolated that’s due to the feature of Linux kernel module which is namespace . It provides isolation to the containers . Container don’t have their own kernel the use the host machine kernel . That makes them light weight . Container don’t boot up . Containers are portable . we can easily export and import containers to one host to other host. Container are very minimal . which means only the required packages or libraries are present onĀ  the container which are required by the application to run.We can spin up a containers in just few seconds and your application is up and running whether it is your Testing Server or Production Server.

Container makes it easy for developers and system administrators to test , build and deploy applications easily and In a short period of time .

Their are many Containerization Platforms where you can create containers :-

1) Docker

2) Rocket

3) OpenVZ and many more.

Out of these Docker is the most Famous Containerization Platform .

There are Various Opreating Systems which are meant for containerization platform out of which the most famous is CoreOS .



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